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We changed the name from Hines Wing Group (HWG) to Pay It Forward (PIF) as we continued to help others in need. This year found us at Shawnee State Park near Portsmouth Ohio. We gathered with old friends, and made some new friends. This year we were able to help a fellow out who has 2 young kids, and a wife that has taken everything, and left him and the kids. His children mean everything to him, and work at a fast food restaurant makes it difficult, but he is trying. We decided we would give him a helping hand, and show him, his co-workers, and a few customers what this Pay It Forward (PIF) is all about. We left him with $2350, and hopefully some day, by being PIF'ed, he will find himself in a position to Pay It Forward to somebody else, there fore joining a PIF network. Thank you to all who has helped us to raise some funds, and took valuable vacation time to join us. We'll see you next year, at a different place. Can't wait to find out where.

  • Date: 7/30/2005 11:49 AM
  • Location: